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Wednesday 28th March 2018


Good Morning All

@mikey2shoes - You are correct, I design, build, service, install and commission electron linear accelerator systems. Taking my phone into the bunker or close to the high power modulator tends to limit the life of the phone in my experience, so I don’t tend to carry it all the time.

I do get the reminders on my computer as well, but I am not always sitting at that.

Part of this commissioning exercise is running large batches of boxes around the conveyor system to create faults in the process, and then determine how to “get out of the problem” without losing a load of product. Interesting stuff, but it does get to you after a while.

Thanks for all the reminders, I will enter as many as I can!!!


Good Wednesday Mornin…Happy Hump Day!


Text now @hepi @mikey2shoes


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi it’s time to text.


Can’t believe it…missed the C2T again! Arrrrrgh! This working crap is getting in the way!:angry:


One of the issues here is that when you plug a charger into the wall socket, you have to switch it on!!!

If you don’t then the device dies…

You would think I would know that having lived in England for 47 years before coming to Canada!!!



Instagram pic notification just came in.


@Hepi, it does sound quite interesting. I’m going to take a wild guess that, based on the “get out of the problem without loosing a load of product” part of your explanation, the unit you are currently commisioning might be for food sterilization?


@mikey2shoes - Not on this site - it is all medical products used in hospitals and doctors offices.

We are moving into food irradiation with systems that are presently being built and commissioned on other sites.

I will be going to them later in the year.


Caller 15 today March 28th 7:30pm


Hmmm I didn’t get the notification yet… But will trust ya!


just got notification also caller 15 today at 7:30pm


Known issue today with website. Email system is not functioning will adjust when I get home.


@Greg no worries from anyone about the email system I’m sure. Personally the only known issue that I have these days is with the Chez phone system… I can never even get through let alone be caller 15 when there’s a call in.


Good Morning All…the paper work lately is daunting…trying to catch up but it just keeps coming. Good Luck on a key. Have a Good Day all…


trying to figure out instagram and i just cant get it…ugg


Crank-it! Midnight Rambler!


@haw May I suggest googling REPOST INSTAGRAM IPHONE OR ANDROID (whichever you have) and hopefully there are some youtube videos to step you more easily through it…


thanks think i got it. have a great rest of the day


3hrs. of free time here waiting for the C2T…now watch…I have a meeting/conference call at 1:00pm. and the C2T will occur! Grrr.!