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Wednesday 28th March 2018


@Hummer Thanks for the heads up on the pretty much guaranteed C2T timeā€¦lol :rofl:


Cue before 1:50, so that saves us 10 minutes of waiting until 2pm lolā€¦


less than 3 songs away tillā€¦C2T


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi itā€™s time to text.


@Hummer hope your meeting was already finished.


Sarah was the latest winnerā€¦


You would think that calling from far away, they would look kindly - but no - not a cat in Hellā€™s chance!!



@mikey2shoes - No such luckā€¦meeting just ended 10 minutes ago! ā€“ @hepi - You need to sign up for Supersonic Long Distance Unlimited SMS!


@Hummer - Unfortunately, I am not that richā€¦


Anybody else having problems logging into the contest page to fill out the hourly ballot? Itā€™s not recognizing me as being logged into my account???


@Hummer I get that sometimes, login once, then after just hit refresh on your browser and then that usually fixes it and logs you back in automaticallyā€¦


@Drewdles -Thanx man!


@Hummer I donā€™t usually have problems logging into my chez account, what I usually have problems with is remembering to fill out the effing hourly ballotā€¦lol sounds like @Drewdles got you sorted out though.


@mikey2shoes - that was the first time I encountered that problemā€¦shoulda rememberedā€¦always refreshā€¦especially with a beer! LOL!


@mikey2shoes Just donā€™t forget the important cue to CALL at 7:30pm tonight. Weird how I never got the notification, confirmed the setting is on and got all the previous onesā€¦


@Hummer I like that idea. When in doubt, Ctrl + Alt + Beer.
@Drewdles I got the push notification, seems like a bunch of people did, strange that you didnt. I set an alarm on my phone for 7:20, but Iā€™ll still likely forgetā€¦lol


For those wondering cue to txt happened a little over 5 mins ago, but I lost access to the page. Good luck calling @ 7:30pm


Ahhh, C2T was right after the news/traffic. Tried to post but it didnā€™t work for some reason. Hope everyone heard it.


Email notifications fixed


Kaitlin Jones won the key