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Wednesday 2nd May 2018


Good Morning All.


Good Wednesday Mornin Everyone. Happy HumpDay!


Good morning all. Spent yesterday evening puttting down dirt and grass sead based on the forecast of three days of rain… that means it probably won’t rain now!

Don’t forget it is McHappy Day at McDonald’s, portion of hot beverages and happy meals and big macs going to Ronald McDonald House, which is a great charity… So get your coffee there today, it’s wayyyy better than Timmies and supports a great cause!


Happy Hump Day everyone. @Drewdles, I fertilized last night based on the weather…even more reason for it to not rain…lol. Totally agree about McDonalds coffee vs Timmies coffee (and about Ronald McDonald House).


@mikey2shoes Also saw Majic100 seems to be giving away Fleetwood Mac tix…


@Drewdles thanks for the info about the Majic 100 contest. Nothing against Majic but if I listen to try to win tix, I’ll probably fall asleep and miss the cue…:sleeping::grin:


@mikey2shoes CTC Fleetwood Mac presale, just got an email:
Exclusive pre-buy opportunity available on Thursday, May 3 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.