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Wednesday 4th April 2018


Good Morning All.

Bloody miserable out there - Spring???


Good Wednesday mornin…actually there’s nothing good about all the white crap out there! Aaarrrgh!


:crossed_fingers: Good Luck today in getting a key. Blah to the weather.


Morning all. A crappy day out, here’s hoping for another RWaller key to brighten it up!


Good day. Remember it is InstaWednesday so keep an eye out on Instagram for the new photo… Hate this weather… Good luck!


Text TOYS to 762555 now.


Well that’s that. Hope someone’s phone rings in a couple of minutes!


Mine did not ring ;(


Sadly Neither did mine.
I got the Instagram notification a few minutes ago though. Ha. I just checked the Instagram notice. It’s not the Toys19 one, it was about Bon Jovi cancelling the show due to fly in the band…


What a pain… I left my phone at home…


Further update to the chez T19 Instagram post. When I checked chez Instragram page, I found there is a T19 post for Dooley’s there.


@Hepi That is unfortunate. I guess you can still do the hourly online entries, and you have until 11:59 tonight to do the Instagram repost but no cue to text for you this afternoon. On the bright side, you wont have to stress about trying not to miss the cue this afternoon.


Yahoooooooo! I’ve got a key! CHEZ sent me a email confirming and I am pumped!


@Hummer Sweet! I guess I’ll have to take back what I said about Chez.


@hummer That is great news!!!


I was wondering why Cosmo wasn’t answering the phones or my email on Monday afternoon! The promo dept. restored my faith in CHEZ.


@Hummer - Congratulations. Now all you need to do is win the big prize.


@Hepi - That’s my goal…power of positive thinking all the way!


Thank you all for the Congrats…sincerely appreciated!


Robin says cue is coming within the next 20 min.