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Wednesday 4th April 2018


Next 20 min. & 10 commercials!


Text TOYS to 762555 now.


Text NOW!!!


Fingers crossed. Maybe it’ll be a banner week for RW keys.


That would be great… Nothing yet here either…


it might be just me but the notifications from this website are ~5min behind. is there any way to set it up so that it’s sends me a email right away?


Winner was Lou’s voicemail…


I’d help with that but I didn’t even know you could set it up to send you an email…:confused:


Same here, I find everything seems to refresh in near real time however.


i don’t work beside a computer, so it’s hard to keep the page open, i usually just look for emails for when the cue is coming up and then tune in quickly.


Understood… Perhaps Greg on here who runs this can help you…


@oh34rn - Check all your email selections under Preferences of your account. But unfortunately email notifications are dependent upon our servers we are connected to…nothing is instantaneous…It is faster to be logged in to the website and refresh frequently.


@oh34rn I am at a computer but the Radiowall forum is blocked. I access it on my phone and leave it open on the Radiowall page. It refreshes automatically whenever there’s a new post. I think the updates are pretty much realtime. The only issue is that there is no notification sound like when I get a text. I find this setup works well for me as long as I’m at my desk. If I’m away from my desk all bets are off as I will definitely forget to check Radiowall even if I have my phone with me…


So my colleague got a key today! Email notifications can be turned on in your profile settings. I had turned it off by default to keep from annoying people. If anyone needs a walkthrough let me know.


@Greg it seems to me that i get email notifications ~10 min after the message was posted. anyway to set it to send instant notifications?


Yes, @oh34rn I will change the delay ASAP.

Also, an option is to use the Discourse android/apple app on your phone. You can add to that app.


Let me know if I can do anything else and I will. I can enable integration if there is a need. PM me as I will be all over the place for the next few days.


got the email right away! Thanks @Greg!


Congrats see you at the party!!!