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Wednesday 9th May 2018


Good Morning All

Happy Hump Day

Another great sunny warm day for working inside!!! :frowning:


Good Wednesday Mornin Gang! Another wobbly-pop day on the patio or backyard deck somehwere!:smile:


Good morning all. yesterday was a crazy busy day at work, covering for people away, so didn’t get a chance to check the wall… And I was still moving a little slow from Bon Jovi the night before… that being said, I find concerts are becoming like bacon, you get less and less for what you pay for, concerts never go to 11 or 11:05pm anymore, 10:45 if you are lucky!

@Greg Congrats on the anniversary!

@snowwhite I like that idea of the small extra consolation prizes 30 minutes after. It encourages people to stick around a bit longer, other than mass exodus in disappointment…

Will have to crack the window wide open at the office today to get as much fresh air as I can, still covering off today, the others are back tomorrow thankfully and then Friday it is my turn during the day to enjoy the cottage…


Hi Radiowallers, just to let the people going that I can only get there at 4:00 pm. If someone gets in earlier can you save seats for us. It would be much appreciated.