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Wednesday April 25th. 2018


Happy Hump Day! - Good Luck everyone!


Good Morning All - Here’s hoping another RWer gets in!!


Good Wet Wednesday all. Don’t forget your umbrella’s and rubber boots today! Here’s hoping one of us gets a key today.

Keep an eye out for the Wednesday Instagram post.


Concert Announcement: Fleetwood Mac Nov 3 @ CTC, tix on sale Friday


Cue to txt now!


Text now. I think?


Instagram post is up…


Happy Hump Day everyone! Missed pretty much everything yesterday. Brought my dad to a Dr. appointment for a rash and ended up in emergency for the day as a precaution. Got him back to his retirement lodge just in time for supper though. :+1:
@Drewdles thanks for the Instagram heads up.


@mikey2shoes Glad everything worked out ok for your father. That is definitely more important than trying to get a key… On the note of rashes, did you read about how Air Canada just kicked someone off a plane thinking it was contagious when it wasn’t?


No I hadn’t heard that one. Seems like the airline are landing in hot water a lot lately, although in this case, depending on what the details were, it is possible that it could be a reasonable action.


Happy Hump day everyone. Don’t you hate being woken up by work for something they should have known.


Ha. @LuvSkiing that never happens to me… because our production people don’t know a damned thing so every call is warranted…Just kidding, they’re actually pretty good and also I’m one of the lucky ones that don’t have to be on call. No on call money but also no late night phone calls, which is a trade off I’ll gladly take.


Cue to text in next 20 minutes…


Whoa. Was out of cell service (and radio range) for a bit. Looks like I got back just in time. Thanks for the heads up @Drewdles.


Cue to txt now!!! @hepi @mikey2shoes


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!


Hmm, I haven’t got a call from Robin yet, maybe I’m still out of cell service…:wink:


No call for me yet either… ;(


Justin won the key,


Text now @mikey2shoes @hepi