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Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Good Morning Radiowallers …Let’s score a key today!


Good morning. As per my other thread, let’s use this one today.


I never got that notification yesterday… wired?


Cue should happen soon they hinted


Seems like i got the notification around 3:45 yesterday.
Good Luck today.


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


Text now and good luck! @thebuzz @Sandman @Vkvk @Sassy


I might of just missed it. Thank you!


@kathyka we only got the notifications a few hours prior this time rather than a day in advance. It does seem spotty based on some previous posts. Must be like the amber/weather alerts, perhaps if you are too far away at a given point or certain types of phone, who knows.


TJ says the cue to text will be before 10 am…


Good morning all and happy hump day.
Thanks for the TJ cue update @cato07. Had the radio on but was focused on work and didn’t even notice him say that…hope I notice the cue…lol.


anyone hear the C2T yet?


@oh34rn not yet, in the next 8 minutes though


Not yet. He just said it will be very soon.


Text now everyone


@mikey2shoes @oh34rn @Drewdles text now


text now everyone


time to text


Text now @Hepi @Drewdles @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07 Good luck everyone!


Text now and good luck! @thebuzz @Sandman @Vkvk @Sassyq