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Wednesday Dec.12th. 2018


Good Wednesday Morning Guyz’n Galz!


Hey all… Sorry things have still been pretty crazy and haven’t had a lot of time. Working to learn and deploy a new phone VOIP system at work on top of my usual responsibilities…
Had girlfriends xmas party last Friday, Sens game last Saturday, and this Friday is my office xmas party… or shall we say gong show…


If you have options try out 3CX i’m super happy with it.


@greg Thanks for the feedback… I have never used 3CX but have heard of it. Personally I use callcentric and, however for work we debated between Versature (fully managed) and with top of the line Cisco phones (I have to do all the setup, call flows, phone programming, testing, etc, however it is still a hosted PBX). Still a big upgrade from what we have now a 3Com NBX3000 system (it is hard land lines, but VOIP internally) but 15 years old and it is only a matter of time until it dies… We are only about 30 phones, so not too bad to manage… Some day I am going to try and play around with Asterisk at home on a Raspberry Pi or something…