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Wednesday Jan 3, 2018


Morning All


Good Morning All.

Really warm out this morning - comparatively speaking at least!!


@Hepi the weather sucks but at least I can pump the gas without freezing to the point of seizure.


That is very true!!


Good Wednesday Afternoon gang! - Happy New Year to all of my fellow bloggers. Been very bizzy of late, and not being ale logon from work sucks. @Greg - can you email me the alternate url address for here, maybe that will fool the internet Nazi’s at my work. lol


Just Let me know if that doesn’t work.


I have an issue with one of my security software programs doing the same thing. I just use and I can get to this site.


I will work on the SSL keys this weekend and follow up.



@Greg - I tried it and was able to sign from my office late this afternoon. Thanx