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Wednesday, March 27th, 2019


Good Morning Radiowallers…Good Luck with a key today.


Good luck today everyone. Hopefully its key day :wink:


Nice to see you here Vkvk …Good Luck Today to everyone


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


Text toys now


TXT now @Vkvk @chesne @Sandman @thebuzz


Thank you Drew! Text sent! Good luck all!


Wow, just getting settled in at work this morning. Stepped away from my desk for 5 minutes and missed the cue. Saved me again @Drewdles and @SweetPea.


Thank you! Listening via the app and it was about 30 second delayed. Cheers


@Vkvk - Welcome aboard…and enjoy the ride!:smile:


Heading to a meeting until 11:00 or so. My gut says you can expect the cue somewhere in that time…lol


@mikey2shoes TJ just said cue is coming up a little bit later this hour, so hopefully your meeting ends early!


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


TXT now @Vkvk @chesne @Sandman @thebuzz @sassy


took my break just in time! saw 5 emails and thought i had missed it!


Just as I expected. Oh well I’m getting quite used to missing these C2T.


He couldn’t do it over the noon hour eh? Was doing an interview. Better get the role for missing the cue lol
That means next one will be on Cozmo’s watch?


Good luck in getting the job @Sandman ! And yes, last cue for the day will be with Cosmo between 2pm and 7pm…


Good luck everyone!


Just got this notification from the CHEZ app:

Be caller 15 to 613-750-1061 starting at 4:15 PM (on Mar. 28th) for your chance at a key!

Good luck everyone!