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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Alas Lady Luck was not be be last night but it was fun. The band was great but the lineup for snack food was insanely long. I was surprised to hear from Greg that Doc and Woody are leaving. So many changes to the Chez lineup. I think I always associated the Toys Party with Doc and Woody. Well there is always next year. Congratulations to our TOYS 20 winner, Andrea! TOYS 20.


Any other key holders feel taunted by all these TOYS “you’re a winner” ads? We were #58 and then winner was #53… Hopefully next year!


Thanks for the update folks. It will be quite the change without Doc and Woody. I heard the band was good and hopefully will be in next year’s. I’ve only ever been a guest at the events.


Good Wednesday mornin Galz’n Guyz! - @snowwhite - It twas great seeing you and JoeMan last night, and like you, I struck out at #44. Wish I could have met other Radiowallers there…next year I’m going to set up a Radiowall table! The band was great, the craft beer not bad for $5 a pop…Randall Moore called it crap beer…lol @oh34rn - What’s more painful is I have this loser CD I picked to play over and over again! :rofl: And CHEZ will be different with Doc & Woody gone…wish I would have known when I talked to them last night…btw eric The Intern works for CFRA. My Bluesfest tickets are July 14th. the last day and it appears the BackStreet Boys are closing the fest, which makes the demand for my tickets…HUGE! as three gals I was at the bar with last night, were willing to give me anything I want for them…the key word here is…“were”. lol Have a great Hump Day everyone…TTYL


@hummer heheh, counting your chickens already about getting in to setup a table next year?


@Drewdles have you seen @Hummer track record for TOYS? It is not an entirely unreasonable counting of chickens for him…lol. I, on the other hand, got excited about the prospect of a Radiowall table next year…then the reality of my track record hit me…sigh. Oh well maybe I’ll get a key again next year.