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Wednesday May 16, 2018


Good morning all… Chilly this morn but supposed to be quite warm later.

Had a belated Mother’s Day dinner with my parents last night at Baton Rouge, was good.

Saw a photo of the winner last night and she had #27, so from that I am guessing the key went quick. I don’t think she’s a RW’er either. Her name was Irene. And looks like it was albums and not keys again. Hopefully one or two of you got a chance to pick and if not hope you have fun!


@oh34rn I looked it up was key #126 last year that won… That sucks you didn’t get a chance. Here’s to hoping we all do next year. Wanted to go this year as well as the girlfriend was away last year when the event was so I want her to experience the excitement too!


Happy Hump Day everyone. A bit chilly this morning but nice and sunny and should be a lot warmer this afternoon so I’m sure not going to complain!

@Drewdles, yes, I did get to try my “key” when I went. I was #10 and the keys were CDs when I went. You picked one from the rack and hey would pop it in the CD player. The winning one had the sound of a car starting and I think it might have been somewhere around the 130s? I still have the CD somewhere. A souvenir LP would have been way better. I still have my turntable set up although I’m guessing they are likely blank LPs?


@mikey2shoes Yes it was a blank LP, but think of what they could do with them if they weren’t…


Good Wednesday morning gang! Just getting up after a long night of partaying! I was pick #123 last night, so wasn’t even close to getting a chance. The toys winner, Irene McIntyre was a Radiowall member for years, but has not been around here for quite some time. btw…my Bluesfest tickets are for July 11th. (Dave Matthews) I am looking for July 10th. (Foo Fighters) so if someone wants to swap with me that would be great! It was great seeing Snowwhite again but unfortunately we didn’t come across any Rwallers at the party. btw…I was the dude with the Black sequins Rolling Stones shirt!


@Hummer Sounds like you had fun regardless… Did you stick around for the consolation prize, the BBQ and gift cards?


Good Afternoon folks

I have been busy with life and spring stuff. I hope that everyone is doing alright and staying busy with good things. Here is a comedic version of some of the greats:


@Drewdles - Yes I stuck around for the other draws but was unsuccessful…but the great concert videos on the big screen, cold wobbly-pops and playin pool was lotsa fun! btw…CHEZ stop using keys for Toys For Boys many years ago…I think around 2009 or earlier, they went to the pre-recorded CD’s in a rack on stage to determine the winner.


My husband was key number 116 so yes it went quick! Disappointing that twice now we’ve been and never got a chance to try! Oh well. Maybe another time :blush:


@Kellyka - I’ve been to the Toys partay 5 times with no luck at all!:frowning_face: