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Wednesday Mer 6th 2019


Hi All,

I am not missing, but back in Thailand until end of month.

Thanks for the notifications, and I will try to text when I receive them, but god knows with a 12 hour time difference!!

Hope you are all well, and good luck getting keys!!



@Hepi…Long time no contact. Hope al is well with you.

Good Morning Radiowallers…I wanted to say it is another day on Chez but it has a funny sense of humor leaving the weekly draw entries open on a 24 hour clock. Let’s hope a Radiowaller wins a key today.

Postng my quote from yesterday (I forgot how to quote, back to te textbook. Here it is:



@Radiowallers…I just noticed that when I tried at 6:00 pm , it did not come up for the Entry for weekly draw. I could not sleep so after 9:00 pm, I tried again for the hell of it, It worked and says I can enter again at 10:00 pm. Am I dreaming or what. I checked the rules and it says " We have weekly draws for CHEZ ROCK EMPIRE Members , beginning Mondays at 6:00am and ending Sundays at 6:00pm, entry will be available hourly throughout the draw." Silly me, I thought it had an end time. Has anyone else noticed this?




i didn’t hear the cue? did i zone out? lol


they were talking about how you spell toys but that’s all i heard


I heard it … they said text toys now (blah blah) and iI got the thanks for entering response


I heard it too.


Missed it…getting ready for physio appt. Good Luck Radiowallers.


I believe I heard cue will be sometime after 1pm…


I know he said something but I missed that part.


Cue in next 20 mins


Cue to text coming in next 20 min


Text now @ mikey2shoes Drewdles


Text TOYS to 762555 now @Hummer @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @cato07


Text “Toys” now for a chance at the keey


Hi Drewdles,
Do your Text Now messages with the tagged user names cause an email to sent to those tagged?
If so, could you please add my tag (@Burt) to the list?


I didn’t get a e-mail for the last toy20. But I heard and posted also. Just wondering why?


@nursehilda You probably dont’ have it setup in your preferences. Click you avatar icon in the top right (the orange N), and then click the gear icon. then under both emails and notifications you can adjust settings.

@burt I will try to add you. Make sure you have your notifications setup… And don’t rely solely on me as I don’t get every queue and if someone else beats me to it, I don’t always post.


has anyone received the push notification yet I haven’t and I was just trying to make sure I have it set up right thanks ok


@haw You mean the App Psuh notification? I have not, only one I got recently was a week or so before Toys 20 started that something big was coming…