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Wednesday Nov.14th. 2018


Good Wednesday mornin and Happy Hump Day!


Good Morning All


Happy hump day all. It’s been a busy few days, at home and at work. Haven’t had much time to post. Trying to catch up on the last few days here on Radiowall…
@Drewdles, hope Tim Hicks was good and that it’s not too late to get your dock out! (wow, glad I proofread this before I sent it - the letter “o” in dock is right beside the letter “i” on my keyboard…that could have been awkward…)
@Hepi I hope your wife has a speedy recovery and you get care sorted out before you have to head off to Thailand.
I agree that it feels like the new Chez co-host is going to mess up the dynamic of the morning show. Nothing against her at all, it just seems like an awkward fit.
I stopped listening to Jump. I tried to give it a chance and I actually don’t mind most of the music but I absolutely can not take the morning show. Not even for a chance to win a trip to Cuba will I listen to that garbage! To each his/her own I guess. I’m sure there are people who would say the same thing about Chez.


Is it hump day already, wow… Week is flying…

Tim Hicks was pretty good, country music and beer always go well together… Hate TD Place though, getting in an out was a bit crazy… D@ck out, don’t they play golf like that sometimes? Google it. And yes dock is STILL in, really have no choice other than this Saturday to do it… High of plus 4, maybe a degree or two warmer up there, and hoping the snow all melts before that…

And yes I am sure Jump is losing listeners. Although was never a big fan of the previous local morning hosts, but they were better than what there is now. Codeword just played, SAND


@mikey2shoes - Thanks. Work in progress


@mikey2shoes Try BOOM 99.7 if you don’t like JUMP. They have 70’s, 80-'s and 90’s music.


@Hugger1, I do already. I was pretty much just listening to jump to try to catch the code words. Although I found the music wasn’t too bad, I found the morning show annoying. I mostly switch between Chez, Boom, and any of the 3CBC radio stations, oh and also 101.5 The Fox if the signal is decent. And occasionally 93.9 or 101.1 if I’m in the mood for a little country.