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Wednesday Nov.7th. 2018


Good Wednesday Mornin gang and Happy Hump Day!


Happy Hump Day everyone. Busy week so far. I hate it when the boss is away.
@nursehilda I’m down for winning a trip to Cuba! Have been trying to listen to Jump this week but so far have not managed to hear any of the “Super Dooper Top-Secret Words”. At first I thought the secret word was only announced once per day. Glad to see it is actually one word per day announced multiple times per day. Not that that has helped me so far.


Hey all, busy week for me too, haven’t had a chance to listen to Chez with the new girl I the mornings yet…


@Drewdles, I have, god help me, been listening to Jump all week, so I haven’t had much exposure to the new member of the Chez morning team. Truthfully I like most music so it actually hasn’t been bad (although I have discovered that the morning show replays all of their “bits” each hour, which I find annoying - at least on Chez they usually add or change things up a bit when they repeat things for the ppl just tuning in). Also, the Jump morning show is syndicated out of Seattle. I’d rather listen to/support radio hosts employed locally but that’s just me.
As for the new girl on the Chez morning show, I’m trying to stay neutral until I’ve had more of a chance to listen and they’ve had more of a chance to feel each other out or bond or whatever.


@mikey2shoes I am not a fan of Brooke and Jubal, only listened to them once or twice briefly, and that has nothing to do with them being local or not… I am like you, and like most music, only station I can’t stand is Hot 89.9