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Wednesday Oct.31st. 2018


Good Wednesday Mornin R-Wallers. image



Happy Humpy Halloweeny Day all. @Hummer, your second pic sure makes me wish I was Peter Peter… :grin:


Good day all. Still fighting my cold/flu… Sucks no further winners in the contests from Radiowall. Maybe that means we all will have much more success then for Toys 20…
Happy Hallowe’en… Just handing out candy tonight, nothing too crazy… Carved pumpkins last night…

Boat is now out of water at the cottage, this weekend will be the dock…


@ Big H

Hell Yeah Skynyrd’s back on the road in 2019

I will see them (21st tyme) in Kansas City this Fryday Nov.2nd

AND they have just announced a concert here in Windsor March 3rd next year…





@S2 - Rock on brother! Got my Skynyrd tx for next March…Sweet Home Alabama!