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Wednesday Oct.3rd. 2018


Good Wednesday Mornin…Happy Hump Day!


Good morning all. Going to be one of those not so great hump days… Garbage guys came by at 7:05am today. In my 5 years at that address they have never remotely ever come by that early. Just moved my stuff across the street to the neighbours instead, had way too much to wait another two weeks especially with hosting Thanksgiving etc. And running late for a meeting this morning.


@Drewdles, the same thing happened to me on “Tornado Friday”. Unfortunately I didn’t realize until the end of the day so I didn’t put it across the street. The worst part was I had cleared out a lot of old stuff from my freezer. Normally I’m good at composting but this was too much to attempt that so it was all in the garbage. I called the city and told them they missed my garbage (which is possibly what happened). They came by and picked it up the next day.


TXT now VEGAS to 762555.
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @carebear @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb


Wow, that was quick @Drewdles!


@mikey2shoes since we made homemade salsa all last weekend our green bin was pretty full of stuff so definately needed to get rid of that today.


And so the trend continues. Cue was between 8 and 9am. Let’s see in Robin’s is between 1 and 2 again…


Robin just said cue to text before noon…


TXT now VEGAS to 762555.
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @carebear @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb


Having to take website down shortly. Sorry for the trouble should be back up today. Upgrades


I think I missed the final cue today. Was a busy day and didn’t get to listen much but been listening for a while now and cosmo hasn’t mentioned anything about the cue still to come.


@Drewdles - Cosmo screwed up…I was listening intently to Chez and at 4:10 Cosmo indicated the cue to txt was still going to happen…and all of a sudden at 4:45 he announces a winner! wtf…They never announced the cue to call!


@hummer seems cosmo does that all too often! didn’t he screw up your t4b qualifying too?