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Wednesday Sept.19th. 2018


Happy Hump Day Dudes!


Good Wednesday morning all. Here’s hoping one of us gets a call for a Vegas entry today!


@Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg TXT VEGAS to 762555 now!


Robin says Vegas C2T will be “before lunch”.


@Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg TXT VEGAS to 762555 now!


txt now @mikey2shoes @Hepi @Hummer @Greg


Now we just have to wait patiently for a phone call from Robin…


Txt now @mikey2shoes @Hepi @Hummer @Greg


Thanks @Drewdles. Just got to my car and checked Radiowall. Sure enough, saw your text a minute after you posted it!


@mikey2shoes Just paying it forward when the same thing happened to me yesterday when you saved my bacon, well not really, since I didn’t get a call back…


How many times are we allowed to text? Or would it help?


@Drewdles, I didn’t get a call today, so I think we’re even…lol


@nursehilda I think @hummer said only one text a couple of weeks ago. I know I’m only texting once. Got really tired of texting like crazy during Toys…