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Weed Wednesday Oct.17th. 2018


Good Wednesday Mornin Dudes’n Dudettes. Happy Cannabis Day!


…So let’s get to the point, let’s roll another joint!


Are you reviving the good old “SOTD” for this special day @Hummer? :grin:


@mikey2shoes - You got it!:smoking:


Official Cue!

Text now!
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


TXT VEGAS to 762555 now! @Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @nursehilda @carebear @Bustyb Good luck everyone!


For @Hummer . Just heard about this one Chez and found a link:


And for any Gord Downie fans, K-Rock is doing a big tribute today:


@Drewdles - Thanx man. You cross Greta Van Fleet with Led Zeppelin, you get…Ledda Van Flepplin!


Haaa I almost spit coffee all over my monitors when I read that @Hummer


So speaking of Zeppelin… Years ago now, someone on Chez had the bright idea of playing Moby Dick (I think that was the song) I think it was over and over and over and over and over and over non-stop (I forget the reasoning). Trying to remember who that was and wondering if they have a radio gig anywhere now… And years ago I am thinking late 2001 to early 2004, somewhere in there… Anyone remember that?

EDIT - Actually I googled, and I think it was Jeff Brown on The Bear… I listened to both stations back then…
“Didn’t a similar thing happen back with 106.9 The Bear (?) with a Jeff guy? Though I remembered him playing Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin 4 or 5 times in a row. I want to say I remember him playing a recording of his manager calling in and telling him that if he played it again he’d be fired. So he took a caller request and they asked for Moby Dick…he played it, and was fired soon after.”


offline for a bit, so if there is a queue, I won’t be posting…


Robin just said cue to text is coming in the next 2 songs…so, with commercials, that means sometime before his show is over in the next 18 minutes…lol


Official Cue!

Text now!
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


Official cue!
TXT VEGAS to 762555 now! @Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @nursehilda @carebear @Bustyb Good luck everyone!


@Drewdles, I stole your “Official Cue!” branding 'cause I didn’t think you’d be posting this time around. :grin:


@Drewdles - I remember JB getting the boot and if I remember correctly, after being let go, he called in and requested Moby Dick be played. lol He went to Toronto, and was a DJ with Q107. He was a cool dude…had pints with him a few times at the Stittsville Main St. Pub.


I had gotten back about five minutes before, lol… Had to go buy office lotto pool tickets (I am the lucky guy who gets to run and manage it, at least I get the Petro Points for them) and get some stuff at Home Hardware…


Official Cue!

Text now!
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


Thanks @Drewdles. Got back to my desk just in time to hear the tail end of the cue. Wasn’t sure if it was the “Official Cue” or just an commercial for it.